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Update 2/6/2019: Crowley is still looking for her forever home! We are so grateful to Coppell Humane Society for pulling her from Richardson Animal Shelter in April 2018. Crowley was renamed to Tali and lived for several months with a foster family who showed her the ropes of indoor dog life. Unfortunately, they were unable to continue fostering Tali and we are once again in search for a home for her. Tali is currently in a board-and-train program but is scheduled to graduate very soon and she needs a place to crash! Please email if you are interested in fostering or adopting Tali.

Crowley was our last capture of 2017. She had been spotted for several weeks at Crowley Park in Richardson, and the neighbors were very concerned about her safety because of the sub-freezing temperatures we were experiencing.

Our policy is that we only deploy for capture if the dog has a foster home or other safe plan in place unless the dog is in immediate danger, and this certainly qualified. We took Crowley to Richardson Animal Shelter in the hopes that an owner would claim her. While on the streets, Crowley had been seen with a collar and dragging a leash, but she had slipped out of it when a neighbor tried to catch her. We thought maybe she had gotten away from her family and they missed her.

It’s been three weeks and nobody has come to claim Crowley. Our Capture Team has been visiting Crowley regularly to make sure she’s okay. The truth is, she is very anxious in the kennels. She’s either huddled on her bed or barking at people, which does not look good to a potential adopter. But when she is outside in the play yard, she is a different dog! She loves treats and play-bowing and has even met a few of her kennel-mates. She seems to like low-key dogs better but she could also do well as an only dog.

We really want to see Crowley in a foster or forever home as soon as possible. If you are interested in fostering or adopting her, we would be happy to come meet you at RAS to do some introductions! DT6 will also pledge $200 to a 501(c)3 rescue that takes her. She is a special dog who deserves to cuddle up with a family of her own. If you can help, please let us know or visit her at RAS to see for yourself! Crowley’s ID # is 17-1481D and she is in kennel 29. She has been spayed and is heartworm negative and up-to-date on all her vaccinations!

Update: February 5, 2018

Crowley has improved so much more since the video was shot! She is calm in her kennel, is easily leashed, and has even learned to SIT and LAY DOWN on command! She is playing with tennis balls in the play yard and is a very happy dog! She will make the perfect companion for a loving family!