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Before submitting a capture request, please read through the following information:

Thank you for helping a stray dog in need. We get many requests, so first we need to better understand the situation. 

If you are contacting us about an injured dog, please call 311 (inside the Dallas city limits) or your local animal control. This is the fastest way to get the dog help quickly. 

If your dog is lost and has not yet been spotted, we ask that you check out our website for tips on finding your lost dog. We encourage you to get signs up as soon as possible! If you know your dog’s location, you can use a crate to attempt capture. Keep in mind that we are a Street Dog Rescue, but we are happy to give suggestions and a list of professional lost dog recovery services. Please email us at

This form is for people who need assistance in CAPTURING a street dog. If you already have the dog in your possession, visit the info on Rehoming a Pet on the DT6 website.

Please fill out the following questionnaire and provide as much detail as possible. If you are seeking help for multiple dogs, please fill out one form for each dog.

If you have only fed the dog once, please read the info on How to Create a Feeding Routine on the DT6 website. 

Please understand that we are volunteers who rescue dogs around work and family schedules. 

Fill out my online form.