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This gorgeous dog had been seen dragging his leash in the neighborhood around St. Mark’s School of Texas in Dallas. Concerned citizens tried to help him, but he wouldn’t come close to anyone. They contacted Duck Team 6 for help, and we went out multiple times in search of “Preston” but we didn’t have much luck seeing him. However, we had a tribe of animal lovers helping us! Our Good Samaritans, Bill and Tommy, kept us posted about sightings that were reported on NextDoor. Michael, an ACO at Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center, came out several times and talked to residents (even on his day off!) and found Preston’s exit/entry points at St. Marks. And the security team at St. Marks was incredibly helpful as well.

Our plan went into overdrive when we got reports that Preston’s leash had gotten tangled in a gate at the school. He panicked and tore down the locking mechanism trying to get free, and we were really worried about him getting tangled up again. We set our trap and made plans to monitor it overnight. The first night, he was a no-show and we called it quits at 2am. On our second attempt, we adjusted the trap location slightly based on intel provided by DAS. Preston made his way to the trap a little after 3:30am and this time he went in!

After letting him settle down a bit, we moved him to a volunteer’s house to decompress. Preston was such a good boy on the way to her house and went into his new crate so easily that we decided to see how he did on a leash within a closed room. We are so glad we did! He is such a love bug! We were able to take him outside for a potty break and do our assessment. He is extremely submissive and just wants to play and be loved. When the sun came up, we delivered him to his new foster home, and were so impressed that he hopped right into the car in laid down in his crate for the ride. He’s a great dog and although he didn’t have a microchip, we will continue to look for his owners. #ThinkLostNotStray

Huge thanks to our Good Samaritans, Bill and Tommy, Dallas Animal Services, St Marks School staff, and especially our Capture Team members who pulled several late-night/all-night stakeouts trying to get Preston to safety. Your hard work paid off! #ItTakesAVillage