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On January 8, we received a Capture Assistance Request (CAR) about a female dog who had been spotted shivering in a field in Mesquite. A Good Samaritan, Janice, was feeding her every day but reached out for help because the weather was getting so cold. One of our newest Capture Team members, Lana, took the lead on this case, did a field assessment, and got everything ready for capture. Now we just needed a safe place for her to go.

We had a few temp foster offers so we made plans to go forward with Nettie’s capture on Friday night, January 12. Before we even got out there, our friends at DFW Pup Patrol came through with a long-term foster! Lana describes the rescue mission as a comedy of errors. Nettie eluded our trap and our team multiple times, even with night vision goggles! However, after several cold hours, Miss Nettie finally decided to cooperate and go into the trap!

Debbie, another Capture Team member, took Nettie home for the night and we had Nettie checked out by a vet yesterday. While she was wearing a collar, there was no microchip.  😔 Nettie’s good Samaritan, Janice, was able to transport Nettie to her new foster home where she will stay until she’s adopted. No more cold nights for this girl!

Thank you to DFW Pup Patrol Fans, Janice, and everyone who helped make this rescue a success. It takes a village! #SemperWoof #StreetDogRescue #SavingNettie