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On February 6, we received a capture request from a Good Samaritan for a mom and puppies abandoned by their owner and living under their now empty house. The puppies went in and out through two holes in the crawl space walls. The Good Samaritan, Maddie, had been feeding the momma dog and gained her trust but the puppies were too afraid of her and would retreat under the house. With the cold front arriving, we made it a priority to get these young puppies out of the cold.

After catching one puppy by luring him into a pen with mom, the others heard the squeals and ran for the house. Once they came back out, we were able to block their holes without them spotting us but we had to move fast! Then we were able to catch the remaining ones….squeals and all!

This whole family is safe and warm this weekend, thanks to a collaboration with Tzu Zoo Rescue and Mini Mutts Animal Rescue! This family will be available for adoption, once they are ready, through these two organizations. Be sure to follow their pages for future updates!