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We were contacted to help capture Copper, after she ran away during a home invasion on Saturday. Her family hired Dog Gone Detectives to pinpoint her location. Copper was in survival mode and ran from her owners. Since they knew she was hiding in a creek area, we set up a trap and camera. Two long days we waited with no appearance of Copper. On the third day, we decided to relocate the trap and camera. While the owner was assisting a capture volunteer, Copper appeared from the creek bottom. Both froze and slowly dropped to the ground, not making eye contact or any sounds. It was clear Copper was trying to process if that was indeed her mom. After a few minutes, Copper crawled into her mom’s lap! Copper has already been checked out by her vet and other than raw paw pads and a scratch on her eye, she’s in pretty good shape! We are so happy to have her back home before the weather got bad!