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Meet Chevron Chevy, our midnight capture (as you can see in our tired faces!) This little guy has been living at a Chevron station for over a month. So many residents had been trying to win his trust and had kept him well-fed, which probably helped him survive this cold weather! However, it made him not food motivated for our trap, at all!

Lana, our team lead on this capture, was determined Chevy was not going to spend another miserable night shivering. Once he made it clear that he was turning up his nose at her steak fajitas, we needed a Plan B! We had brought a tall puppy pen along with us so we set it up next to our car with some Vienna sausages. That peaked his interest but still not enough. However, we noticed that his most favorite thing, more than food, was plastic. Plastic bags, bottles, trash, whatever. So with the puppy pen baited with an empty Sprite bottle from his stash, we tied a rope to the door that went to Lana through the car window. We waited. Nothing.

Then Marcella, one of Chevy’s Good Samaritans, just happened to arrive at the right time. We had her sit just past the pen door. Chevy was so curious about her and really wanted that Sprite bottle. Into the pen he went, and Lana gently pulled the rope, which closed the door and Marcella was right there to hold it secure. The plan worked like a charm! Thanks to Sprite and Chevy’s love for inexpensive toys, Chevy is in a warm bed tonight!

Thank you to Mini Mutts Animal Rescue for being Chevy’s hero and letting us get this guy safely to their rescue. He’s in great hands and will make a great companion for a lucky family!

Our first capture using a plastic bottle as bait. That’s one for the storybooks!